Mik Maks - "Working on the Farm"

Family entertainment dynamos The Mik Maks have launched their second album, Working On The Farm, ending the long wait for music-loving kids across the country - and their parents.

Fresh from Australia’s Got Talent, the four-brother children’s band has become a family-music phenomenon since the launch of their first album two years ago, with their unique sound and style ensuring they’ve far outgrown their early tag as “the next Wiggles”.

And now the McInnes siblings - Brian, Joel, Al and Dean – along with their talented friend “Drums the Panda”, are ready to inspire the next generation of pint-sized Mik Maks fans with 15 new children’s country rock songs.Mik Maks - Working on the Farm

For kids, Working On The Farm is all about fun and giggles. But for mums and dads, this album also has the benefit of being educational - not only highly entertaining. With two teachers in the band (Joel and Al), The Mik Maks aim to create music that will also help develop kids’ skills in language, listening, creative movement and expression, as well as confidence.

“Music plays a major role in developing the language skills of children,” says Joel, a dad of three. “For starters, our songs encourage kids to imitate us, which is the first step in language development.”

The Geelong-based Mik Maks say their new album, to be released in 2015 and aimed at kids aged 1-8, is largely inspired by the time spent on “Grandpa’s farm” in country Victoria when they were growing up: “We have gone right back to our farming roots with many songs having a country beat driving them,” says father-of-two Brian. “There’s upbeat songs, interactive ones, and slow tunes to help relax and calm the mind before bedtime.”

Some of the sure-fire hits include: “The Mik Mak Express” (invites kids to join in with the fun of singing and dancing and takes listeners “on a journey to Grandpa’s farm”); “The Vege Song” (promotes healthy eating and growing own vegetables as a family); “New Shoes” (encourages activity, dance and teaches children how to tie their shoe laces); “Blow Up Banana” (inspires imagination and creativity) and “Rest My Head” (a wind-down song for before bed).

And another song, “Hope The Elephant”, was written about the mascot for River’s Gift, a charity supporting research into Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

With nine children between them, the McInnes brothers had plenty of feedback as the Working On The Farm album came together. “Our kids love it and have been incredibly blunt when giving feedback about our music,” jokes Dean, the youngest Mik Mak brother, who has also produced the album while studying a Diploma of Sound Production at Geelong’s Oxygen Music College. “Laughter, relaxation and being around our own children are the key ingredients for us to be creative.”

The Mik Maks will appear at the Agfair on 6th and 7th of May. ‘We can’t wait to perform for the families of the Broken Hill’, Joel stated.
This will be followed by shows in Adelaide, Canberra and Sydney early this year.

The new Working On The Farm album is available online for $20. There you will also find The Mik Maks first self-titled album and a DVD of one of their live performances.

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