Celebrity Chef - Belinda Jeffery

About Belinda

There are a number of ways to compliment cookbook authors: food-smeared pages for one and more than one of their books on your bookshelf. But, the greatest compliment has to be the pleasure of finding that a recipe’s worked – and worked well. All around the country, cooks pay these compliments and more to author Belinda Jeffery. She has a wonderful knack of creating recipes for food that you genuinely want to eat and a warm, distinctive writing style that is concise and comprehensive and, most importantly, results in a recipe that works. This award-winning author has worked as a cook, TV food presenter, freelance writer, restaurant reviewer and cooking teacher. Belinda’s books include Belinda Jeffery’s Collected Recipes; Mix & Bake; The Country Cook BookDessertsUtterly Delicious Simple Food, and her most recent book, The Salad Book, which is already in its third reprint. She teaches at her own pop-up cooking school in the Byron Bay hinterland.

Celebrity Chef 2018

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