Xtreme Trials Show - Adrian Harry

Freestyle Motorcycle Trials Entertainment

During each enthralling performance Adrian Harry thrills the crowd with his amazing skills on a trials motorcycle. He masters an obstacle course with amazing balance and a level of precision and control found in no other sport. The shows combine choreography, stunt riding and showmanship together, to bring to the public an incredible show of amazing freestyle trials riding from a very talented professional rider.

His performances have been described as “unbelievable” and have left crowds in awe of his ability to take a motorcycle to the extreme. Unbelievable skills combined with a crowd-interactive show make for great entertainment for the whole family!

The layout of the show allows us to bring the action up close to the spectators so they won't be able to miss a thing.

Not only are our performances entertaining - we promote a positive image of the sport of motorcycle trials and give spectators a unique opportunity to find out how they too can become involved in this skillful and safe form of motorcycle sport. So we are more than just a thrilling and exciting show, we are educational as well.

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